Want to break away from your boring dead-end job and get into the auto industry? The best place to start is at a dealership.

Dealership jobs offer:

Stability – Jobs in dealerships are in high demand and dealers are constantly looking for people who want to make their career in automotive. The best part of working in the automotive industry is the wide range of positions available. If you are motivated to move up in this industry there are career paths for every skill from technicians to accountants, salespeople to finance advisors.

Technology – believe it or not, there is more technology in a modern vehicle than a fighter jet (article).
The automotive industry is at the forefront of all the latest technological advancements. There is always a constant search for new and fresh ideas to make vehicles even better.

Great Career for Women - Today’s dealerships are making a conscious effort to encourage more women to work in automotive. And women are realizing they have a place in the industry just as much as men do.

Financial opportunities - Many automotive positions have incentives built into the pay plan. This gives individuals the opportunity to make more money if they are more driven and better at their job.

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